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In ways that we may never fully comprehend, we make this journey like the Magi, like the shepherds.

We each bring our gifts and we dedicate them to Christ. These are gifts willingly given for the good of others — the gold, frankincense and myrrh of our parenting, teaching, healing, friendship and compassion — in other words, our Love for one another.

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We must live through this fast period and each day of our lives in a prayerful attitude of openness to the empowering and unending Presence of the Loving and Living God. Living an Orthodox Christian life makes heavy demands on us. But, God gives us His strength.

That living Presence makes all things new! It is always His Presence with us now, doing some new thing.

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We may be in the depths of despair and we may feel ourselves caving in, but that is precisely when He moves in and the Light breaks through and the hope and the power and the healing come.

We call you all, as our spiritual children, to pray fervently during this season for the leaders of the world we live in today.

It is a secularized world full of strife, economic weakness and political instability. Evil often manifests itself in the cleverest of ways during such times. Pray that our Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church unites and returns to its historical role as the moral conscience of the nation.

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May we grow and mature in Faith as Ukrainian Orthodox Christians so that others, having witnessed the Faith manifested in our personal lives and in our parish communities, will be drawn to Christ and like the shepherds of Bethlehem, will glorify and praise God for all that they had seen and heard through us. Strategic Plan.

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